Strategy Development

  • Identifying your goal: You know that your neighborhood has far too many fast food restaurants and liquor stores and far too few greengrocers. But how should you tackle your community’s food access challenges? I can help organizations, neighborhoods, and coalitions choose the right strategies to ensure that everyone has places to buy good, fresh food. I combine more than a decade of experience as a community organizer with a love of data and an expert knowledge of public policy to help you map your near-term and long-range strategies to improve access to healthy, affordable food.

  • Winning campaigns: You’ve crunched the numbers. You’ve talked to neighbors. You know the changes you want to make. But how do you get from here to there? Let’s roll up our sleeves together. I can help you develop an action plan for achieving policy goals, from identifying the key decision makers to mapping strategies to win campaigns.

  • Getting the right people to the table: Community change requires support from organizations, businesses, and people from all walks of life. I can help you identify who needs to be at the table and how to get them there. I know how to walk city hall and the capitol building. And I know to get stakeholders in the same room and speaking the same language. If you need to assemble a coalition to achieve your goals, give me a call so you can do it right from the beginning.